How our team’s volunteer spirit builds stronger bonds and a better workplace

Posted on: November 15th, 2018 | Category: Our Blog, Our Workplace

myHR Partner team photo Fall 18 retreat

Here we are at our recent fall retreat — learning, team-building and getting to know each other better. Volunteering is a common thread throughout our group.

Volunteerism and community involvement are very much a part of our company culture here at myHR Partner. We see firsthand the positive impact giving back to the community has on each of us, and on our organization as a whole. And our management team both supports our volunteer efforts and leads by example with their own charitable activities. We can attest to the many benefits that social responsibility programs have on the workplace.

Just ask Human Resources Manager Courtney Bock-Hencken, M.Ed., SPHR. “Last holiday season, we had a casual discussion at one of our meetings about getting our kids involved in volunteering,” she says. “I came across a family volunteer opportunity that anonymously delivered food to families in need throughout the community, and I forwarded the info to Vice President Kelly Coblentz. We both ended up taking our children to participate in the event, and I cannot tell you how rewarding it was.”

We also find support when it comes to ongoing volunteer efforts within our individual communities. Now that Courtney’s daughter is in kindergarten, she wants to be as involved in supporting the school as possible. The benefits of her flexible schedule, allow her to do this. Courtney also volunteers for a community youth group one evening each month. The flexibility afforded at work means she can arrange to get her daughter home from school, get dinner ready and head out to volunteer. “I would not be able to do that with a typical 9-5 job,” she says.

Courtney Bock-Hencken myHR Partner on volunteering“Volunteering is very important to me—and I’m not the only one. Several of my workmates are also involved in their children’s schools and give their time to programs within their communities. Hearing about all our different volunteering experiences at work, it’s a great reminder of how important it is to give back. I think my teammates are a pretty inspiring bunch.”

Courtney Bock-Hencken, M.Ed., SPHR, Human Resources Manager at myHR Partner, Inc.


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